BB Tubes is specialized in bending tubes and panel walls.

Our machinery ensures a wide production.


We take pride in customizing the task for every customer.


High quality materials customized to your exact needs.


We have 2 complete production lines, with Deuma membrane panel wall, welding machine.

These are equipped with 2 Lincoln Electric IDEALARC® DC-1000 welding machines. The welding method is 121 (SAW).

The machines can produce panels of 15 meters in length, in a diameter from ø26.9 up to 114,3 mm (3/4” – 4”).


To be able to make the panels accurately, the production line has a calibration machine where the fin runs through and is calibrated to the exact width, before being welded into the panel.


BB Tubes have 3 tube bending machines and many different matrices varying from 23.1 to 168.3 mm.

Our bending machines are equipped with mandrels to avoid deformation of the materials.


Pipe bending often allows to avoid welding, and adjusting bends, pipe bending provides a better finish of the workpiece.

Often, pipe bending can mean avoiding expensive WPQR / WPSs and thus being more competitive with your colleagues in the market.

Click here to see a list of our standard matrices.


BB Tubes master a wide range of welding processes.

Click here for more information about each of them.


BB tubes offers Shot Blasting in an automated roller conveyor.

Max capacity: approximately H:800 x W:600 x L:12.000 mm.


The system consists of a system with 4 Shot Blasters with automatic propulsion for blasting of pipes, beams, flat steel and other bar materials.

Also, small items can be bounded/tied to nets which can then be run through the machine.

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